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    "Just browsed your website, what a worthwhile service to the community, Thank you sir! As a child I  remember seeing the results of a car which drove around the half barriers on a express line crossing in northern England. The car plus 4 people was pushed for 1 mile up the track before the train stopped. It was rolled into a ball like snow in front of the snow plough. It was the first (4) deaths I witnessed. I now work in Germany and it reminds me of another problem here in Europe. My American friend was visiting Amsterdam and walking across a square and heard a bell ringing frantically, he didn't know what it was until a Dutch person grabbed him suddenly and pulled him out of the way of a passing Strassebahn (tram) he'd stepped out just 6 feet in front of. As ratios of weights go the tram/human would have resulted almost certain death. Thanks Tom, I may not have a car here in Germany and be crossing railway tracks but your advice counts for S-Bahns, U-Bahns and Strassebahns and other traffic with signals separate from the cars/pedestrians."

    Good luck with your talks

"I have come to know his more sensitive, more passionate side. He turns serious when he talks about his decision some years ago to get out of the "work, work, work" mode and spend more time on community service, and his pet project - "Crossing Safely"                               
The LATE Lionel (Scoop) Wilson
, Educator/Reporter

 "... I hitched a ride with Tom the other day, during the trip there was an uncomfortable lump in my throat. The speeding car had raced  our train, and won, by a mere 15 feet. Another half second and the middle aged driver would have been pulverized by the front of our 5 million pound freight train..."                                  
Kevin Blevins, Reporter ~ Regina Leader Post
      "...suddenly the trainman yelled and dove to the floor, I watched as our locomotive went half way through a small truck... Tom Armstrong"                        
Stephen Rouse, Reporter - Living Safety ~ Canada Safety Council
 "Locomotive Engineer Armstrong watched as the train he was riding bore down on a parked car in a staged crossing crash, But he was remembering crashes where trains he handled maimed and killed..." 
 Jo Lynn Sheane, Reporter ~ Saskatoon Star Phoenix
 "... at the meeting of the Traffic Division, a motion was passed commending Tom for his work in spreading the crossing safety message."                      
Don McMorris
, Traffic Safety Co-ordinator ~ Saskatchewan Safety Council

 "...the mother with her 2 babies attempted to cross, but the front wheel on the stroller became stuck in the flange way sending the 3 sprawling onto the tracks, and this was Tom's first trip back after being in a crash that had killed someone..."                                   Bonni Clark, Reporter ~ North Battleford
     "...should you ever speak in Calgary, and the meeting is open, I'd really like my two sons to hear you speak, Thanks Again."                                   Rolf Stengl, Model Railroader ~ Calgary
                                 "Tom, I can not say enough about your presentation, instead I relate back to you the comments made on our evaluation sheets:     ~ "WOW"     ~ "excellent, I haven't been at a better presentation that really got to the heart"     ~ "enjoyed the crossing talk, we could use more of this kind of direct contact"     ~ "very interesting to listen to, I think he opened a few eyes here today" These are some of the comments that were recorded. I was personally moved by your presentation and the problems the Engineers face. It's about time the traveling public are made aware what Railroaders have to deal with."                                    
Byron Tumbach
, Director of Operations
Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities   
   "Thanks for arranging to be available over the past few years to help our Driver Education Program. Keep the passion which you possess about traffic safety. I believe you have been important to many children over the years."                         
Bruno Klassen, Manager of Driver Education
Saskatoon Board  of Education
"Thank you Tom, for sharing your experiences with us. You have helped open our eyes." 
Unity & Coleville District - TransGas
I am writing this note just to let you know that your presentation for our company was terrific. You really know how to get the message across, using humor and telling it like it is. I was very touched and awakened by your presentation. Thank you for sharing your experiences with me... 
Betty Gibson - SaskEnergy

Dearest Friends,

    "If you drive a motor vehicle, I believe you have the right to know what you're up against when it comes to trains. Many drivers just don't understand the power and destructive forces involved as a locomotive crashes not only through their vehicle, but more importantly through their lives. I do not tell people how to drive, or how to live their life, that's up to them. We can reduce the number of people being killed by our trains, by enlightening them with other's mistakes.

    I tell young people sure it's OK to have fun, but, you have to realize when the fun becomes dangerous. My slide presentation does not contain blood or body parts, I've seen enough Thank You. Quite frankly, you don't need to see it either. The thanks I receive range from a handshake from the tough guys, to a hug from the ladies. The tears in the eyes are a reflection to how many of them have been affected by these types of crashes.

    I have been told about the Engineer that talks about crossing safety from total strangers who do not recognize me. I take comfort in knowing the message is starting to get out there, that people really do care, and I'm proud to be "that Engineer".

Perhaps someday I may be honored, with your attendance at one of my presentations, until then ~ Please Cross Safely...

Tom Armstrong


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