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Introduction for Tom Armstrong



Tom Armstrong has over 35 years of railway experience. He has been a Locomotive Engineer since 1977, and has held various staff positions within Canadian Pacific Railway such as:


Accident Prevention Coordinator (Saskatoon),
developing programs and assisting with investigations, information & resources regarding safety,

Regional Rules Instructor (Winnipeg),
teaching and examining operating employees & supervisors on federal rules and regulations and

Road Foreman (Thunder Bay),
responsible for the training programs, monitoring operating crew performances and qualifying new locomotive engineers.


He resides in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada with his wife Brenda, a father of 4, his 3 sons are fourth generation railroaders. His Son-in-law is also a railroader.


During his career Tom served the

Teamsters Canada Rail Conference as:

~ a local Legislative Representative

~ Employee Family Assistance Program Committee Member 

~ Health & Safety Committee Member
and has also been a

~ National Committee Member for OL Canada,

Locally, Tom serves his community as a member of the Saskatoon Millennium Lions Club.

Over the years, Tom has brought public awareness to Road-Rail Crashes and Trespassing through:


-         newspaper  articles,

-    school  presentations

-         radio interviews,

-         nationwide  television & radio  commercials,

-         the CBC documentary “Flirting with Danger" which has been featured numerous times on "Country Canada",

-         Driver Education Classes,

-         he has appeared on the national talk show “What On Earth”,

-         Tom has been featured on a railroad documentary entitled

     “Derailed, America’s Worst Train Disasters” on The   Learning Channel (TLC) and

-         the Pennsylvania House of Representative's, “Committee on Transportation” in Harrisburg Pennsylvania held a special meeting just to hear his story, you’re about to hear.


Tom’s railway experiences during his life have dramatically changed him forever. He has become driven with a purpose and is willing to share those experiences with you…


Please welcome,

Locomotive Engineer Tom Armstrong

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